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HI All! I am the owner of Ravyn's Cottage and an avid believer in living the life we love. I come to you with several decades (as in I'm pushing of training and practice within the Holistic Practices & Lifestyle. I created this business from a place of love and passion wholeheartedly believing in and experiencing first-hand  the ability to transform our lives into the life we truly want to embrace. 
I hold a Bachelors in Psychology and have spent years acquiring additional certifications and trainings both formally and from the classroom of Life and the Universe and continue to update and renew my knowledge regularly. I take our journey together very seriously and it is my hope that together we manifest the life you desire - the one you LOVE to live!
Should you have any questions on the Services I offer, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Holistic Life Coaching

Align with Your Design

Begin overcoming obstacles in your life and move forward ~ Mind-Body-Soul ~ to your desired outcomes. Live the life you want! 

Tarot Reading


Look ahead in the present while remembering the past to better navigate the future is the purpose in using divination. Tarot aids us in taking a moment to gather ourselves, Mind - Body - Soul, and realign with our destiny. It allows us a means to tap into our Higher Knowledge and "see" what choices are before us and where we are in that moment on a meta level beyond the now. 

Past Life Regression Therapy

Seeing beyond the Hedge

Using a gentle form of hypnotherapy, we will travel back through time to your previous lives or incarnations by accessing memories and experiences that are normally hidden in your subconscious mind. Often when we journey back, we understand the present and move forward confidently into our future. This is a three session therapy conducted individually for optimal results. (Note - The price includes  all three sessions)

Aromatherapy Consult

The Nose Knows

Perfect for determining the best fit oils for your specific issue from pain, respiratory, moods & sleep, allergies, digestive, immune support and much more.

Wellness Herbalist Consult

Nature's Apothecary

This consult guides you in finding herbs and other healing modalities that best fit your journey and desired overall well-being. The initial consult lasts about 90 minutes, during which time we go in-depth into your health history and  personal journey. We will discuss your goals regarding self-discovery, self-acceptance and level of healing desired. From there we develop an overall wellness plan  just for you! 

Holistic Pain Management

Out, damned spot

Holistic Pain Management takes into account your emotional, mental, and spiritual needs in addition to your physical state. Often, this holistic approach to pain management is the key to helping you move better, sleep sounder, reduce discomfort and get your life back on track. 


Distance Reiki Energy Session

Heal from Within

Working with your Chakras, we  assist your body's natural healing processes and develop Emotional-Mental-Spiritual well-being often resulting in greater relaxation and energy. 

Distance Crystal Reiki Session

Synergy of Healing

Crystal Reiki sessions create balance, peace and harmony in the energetic bodies through the use of crystals to amplify the and add ANOTHER layer of energy to your attunement. 




Ravyn was amazing and welcoming as usual. Very caring and compassionate. You can tell this isn’t just a job for her. ~T. Jones (07 Nov 2020)

Ravyn's kind heart and spirit is a breath of fresh air! Her understanding nature has been such a blessing throughout my spiritual journey. I couldn't recommend Ravyn's Cottage enough!

~ B. Hutchins (01 Oct 2020)

Really am loving my coaching calls. I always feel very supported and like I'm making progress with each call. Would definitely recommend.

~A. Tomich (11 Mar 2020)

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