Come sit for a spell and enter into a world of powerful self-awareness, well-being, manifestation and, perhaps, a wee bit of mystery and mischief. Here you'll find a thoughtfully curated array of just about everything essential for living your personal Magick. We pride ourselves as purveyors of fine and hard to find items. Our wide variety of goods cater to the seekers & sojourners from all walks of life and belief paths. All are welcome here.

In the spirit of collaboration and appreciation, we invite a diverse group of creatives to join us at the Cottage. Stroll through and enjoy their personal aesthetic and craftsmanship. The products crafted outside of our studio come from private artists & craftspersons, small businesses and environmentally conscious vendors. As is our tradition, all in-house items are created within an environmentally conscious, sacred space in our personal studio and originate from ethically sourced materials.


You will also find treasures from days gone by that we have collected and curated from our many travels across the globe. We call these Soulful Salvage...items that remind us of our grandparents' house...or a time and  place we wish we could travel back to...or  glimmers that catch our eye as intriguing curiosoties, oddities and whimsies we just can't pass up. All endearing lovelies to make your home and life YOUR space. One that exudes YOUR personal magick!

Our Mission - Uplift and inspire others while also supporting artisans, creatives, lightworkers, energy workers, healers & practitioners from all belief paths and from all corners of our great Mother Earth.
Our Vision - Follow our passion as it ignites others' passions. 
Our Belief - Everyone has an unique energy that brings individual Magick into the world. Embrace yours...

Awaken the Magick within You!

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You can now find a variety of our items in
715 Vintage 
Located at 715 Main St. Batavia, Illinois

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