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Growing up, I learned from my grandmother and others that smudging gets rid of the negative energies as it also heals us on a spiritual level. The benefits of clearing the negativity from a space, place or person is exponential and well worth the time spent. But did you know that there is scientific research proving that the smoke's ability to disinfect and purify the air is maintained for up to 24 hours? Pretty cool! And that's not all .
It also makes the energy around us freer. When we're stressed, angry or tense, that energy adds to the buildup of positive ions in the air  producing an imbalance of positive ions. Now, for clarity's sake, positive ions are not actually "positive."  Positive ions are harmful and can cause us to feel tired and burnt out. Smudging turns those positive ions into positive vibes and that's always a good thing.
Additionally, studies have shown that smudging with sage makes you think more clearly and  enhances your memory too. Plus, it's been shown to quicken your senses as your awareness goes up. How amazing is that? So smudge yourself to a better place!
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